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  • Broadcasting

    Send important news & updates to large groups in a simple and fast way.

    Efficient Communication
    with Large Groups

    Send important updates quickly and efficiently to all your staff, patients or their families with a few simple clicks. Broadcast messages using Teleon’s app or directly to a user’s mobile SMS.

  • Multi-channel broadcasts

    Send broadcasts to user groups via in-app or SMS messages

  • 1-to-1 replies

    Enable broadcast recipients to respond and communicate with message senders

  • Dedicated business phone number

    Share a dedicated phone number with stakeholders for trusted communication

  • Automated creation of user groups

    Access user groups for staff, patients, and families that are automatically created

  • Platform to Support Priority Use Cases

    Staff Calloffs & Schedule Changes

    Quickly handle call-offs and schedule changes with large staff groups. Cut down on 1-to-1 phone calls and voice mails.

    New Patient Admissions

    Collaborate efficiently across your departments, ensure proper staffing, and respond quickly to new inquiries.

    Patient & Family Updates

    Keep your patients and family stakeholders updated with key announcements and alerts.

    Emergency Response

    Enable timely communication with staff, patients, and families and respond quickly to situation changes.

    Features to Enable Efficient Operations


    Automated Group Creation

    Teleon automatically creates user groups for your staff, patients, and family stakeholders to enable simple broadcast communications.


    Business Number & Context

    Communicate with your stakeholders using a trusted phone number that’s dedicated to your business instead of personal SMS. View and retain message history for valuable context and smooth hand-offs across staff members.


    Access on Web & Mobile

    Enable your staff to access Teleon’s broadcasting features on their mobile device, web or desktop computers so they can send timely messages anytime, anywhere.

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    Simple-to-use and secure communication platform for care teams