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  • Mobile Document
    Scanner (Coming Soon)

    Turn your team’s standard iOS and Android phones into an image and document scanner.

    Fast, Easy-to-Use & HIPAA-Compliant

    Scan images and documents anywhere and share them in fast and efficient ways. No need for an expensive, bulky scanner.

    • Mobile Document

      Quickly scan multiple documents & images anywhere using an iOS or Android device.

    • Document Merge
      In One Click

      Merge scanned images into a single PDF file with one click. Share in an easy-to-view format.

    • Bulk Image Send
      & Form

      Send up to 30 images in one form for efficient sharing. Add notes to provide valuable context.

    • HIPAA Compliance
      & Security

      Share documents via secure texting with end-to-end encryption & HIPAA compliance.

    Key Use Cases

    Empower your teams, from field clinicians to lab technicians, to support time-critical workflows and activities.

    COVID-19 Lab Results

    Quickly scan & send lab results from remote testing locations.

    Intake & Visit Forms

    Send completed forms to office after home patient visits to expedite workflows.

    Patient Transfers

    Share discharge notes, medication lists & other files in one package.

    Patient Referrals

    Send medical history, photos & other files to ensure smooth referral.

    Staff Schedules

    Scan & post paper schedules to update staff quickly & handle call-offs.

    New Admissions

    Share patient information with team in one package for efficient start of care.


    Scan Multiple Documents Quickly

    Enable your teams to scan and share multi-page documents for sharing lab results, intake forms, visit notes, referrals, and more.

    Teleon uses the high-resolution camera on iOS and Android device to capture images. Users can scan and send up to 30 images in one form.


    Merge into One PDF File

    Automatically merge scanned images into a single PDF file instead of sending numerous individual images.


    Share Files & Context in One Package

    Easily create forms to package all relevant files together and add notes for context.

    Share forms with team members and office staff via secure mobile and web texting.

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