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    Introducing Real-Time Video & Audio Calling

    COVID-19 has caused massive challenges in patient care delivery and escalated the urgency for efficien...

    Oct 29, 2020 Read More

    COVID-19 has caused massive challenges in patient care delivery and escalated the urgency for efficient digital communication and telehealth. And many healthcare providers turned to general video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype to address their needs in the short-term.

    Why we built this solution

    While these conferencing solutions might support some of the needs of providers, they come with a number of challenges as well. First of all, some of these solutions are not HIPAA-compliant.  They were also designed for a broad audience group across industries and use cases, from friends video chatting to teachers conducting distance learning; they were not purpose-built to support a provider’s workflows and needs. 

    That’s why Teleon developed our real-time video and audio calling features to support healthcare providers’ telehealth needs in a better way and integrate more seamlessly into their workflows. 

    How we support telehealth for providers

    Our HIPAA-compliant video and audio calling features can support various telehealth needs for providers including the following:

    • Interactive video or audio telehealth visits with patients
    • Online care plan reviews with patients & family members
    • Physician & care team consultations on cases and escalations

    With Teleon, you can make in-app calls or create a meeting link to invite non-Teleon users, depending on your need. For instance, you can send secure texts back and forth with a physician colleague and jump on a quick video call with the click of a button. You can also schedule a video or audio meeting with your patients and send out a meeting link that can be used to join from any web browser or mobile device.

    We built in security features to protect your conversations and give you peace of mind. For instance, all of the meetings and calls are encrypted, and you have the option of password protecting your meetings. You can activate waiting rooms to have full control over who joins your meetings.

    You also have the ability to view the full history of calls and meetings (participants, call duration, and more).  This data provides an internal audit trail for your organization and can support your billing processes.

    How to get started

    Combined with our secure messaging capabilities, your organization can deliver a comprehensive set of telehealth services to your patients and streamline workflows across your staff and partners.

    You can find more details about our new features here.

    To test drive these features, please send us a note at support@teleonhealth.com, and we would be happy to provide a free trial for your team. 

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