• Patient & Family Engagement

    Simple and compliant apps for better engagement and communication.

    Simple, User-Friendly

    Engage your patients and their families in simple ways they prefer. No more voice mails, phone tags, or mail.

    • Two-Way Messaging

      Exchange messages with patients and families through dedicated channels

    • Message Broadcasting

      Keep patients and families updated via in-app or SMS broadcasts

    • Video & Audio Meetings

      Use live video or audio calls to conduct telehealth visits or check-ins

    • Document Sharing

      Easily share photos, care plans, and medical files across devices

    Platform for Virtual Care

    Telehealth Visits

    Provide interactive video or audio-only telehealth visits with your patients across mobile and web devices.

    Virtual Check-ins

    Conduct check-ins with your patients in their homes to assess their health and avoid unncessary trips to health facilities.

    Care Plan Reviews

    Collaborate with patients and their family members in online care plan reviews.

    Care Team Consultations

    Bring together clinicians across settings to communicate with patients and respond faster to issues and escalations.

    Simple & Flexible Administrative Controls


    Manage Patient & Family Profiles

    Easily create patient and family profiles and lists that can be accessed by your staff out in the field or across devices. Send invites that allow patients and families to sign up with a few simple clicks.


    Assign Care Teams

    Manage or automate assignment of specific staff members to each patient and her care team. Grant different permission levels for staff’s communication with patients, from view profile only access to two-way communication rights.


    Bulk Upload Patient & Family Lists

    Automatically create many patient and family profiles using Teleon’s Excel uploader. Easily validate profile data such as active mobile phone numbers. Contact Teleon Health if you're interested in EHR integrations.

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