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  • Pricing

    Simple and cost-effective pricing to meet your needs

    Flexible pricing plans to support your needs

    Teleon offers a la carte pricing, affordable starter plans, monthly subscriptions with no-hassle cancellations, and more.
    Please contact us to learn about our new Secure Forms and SMS Broadcasting pricing plans.


    For small teams that need basic HIPAA-compliant messaging

    $ 0/user/mo

    Free for teams of up to
    15 users

    Includes these features:

    • Unlimited Secure Team Messaging
    • Image & Document Attachments
    • Secure Patient & Family Messaging
    • iOS, Android, Web & Desktop Apps
    • Unlimited User Groups
    • Click-through BAA
    • Support via Email


    For larger teams that need additional admin & security controls

    $ 7/user/mo

    Billed annually
    $ 9/user/mo. if billed monthly

    Features in Starter Plan plus:

    • Admin Console Access
    • In-App & SMS Broadcasting*
    • Standard Roles & Permissions
    • Remote Data Wipe
    • PDF Export of Message History
    • Signed BAA
    • Support via Email, Chat, Phone


    For providers that need telehealth and multi-site features

    Contact Us

    Billed monthly or annually

    Features in Standard Plan plus:

    • Unlimited HD Video Calls NEW
    • Unlimited In-App Audio Calls NEW
    • Custom Roles & Permissions
    • Multi-Site Directory
    • Corporate & Site-Level Controls
    • Priority Support via Email, Chat, Phone

    *Additional fees may apply


    FREE for teams of up to 15 users

    Includes these features:

    • Secure text messaging
    • Image & document sharing
    • iOS, Android, web & desktop apps
    • Message delivery & read receipts
    • External partner connections
    • Support via email, chat


    Custom pricing for organizations that need
    simple, flat-fee pricing per site

    Features in Starter plan plus:

    • Admin console access
    • Standard roles & permissions
    • SMS notifications
    • Remote data wipe
    • Online training & onboarding support
    • Support via email, chat, phone


    Custom pricing for organizations that need enterprise controls & configurations

    Features in Standard plan plus:

    • Custom roles & permissions
    • Corporate/multi-site user directory
    • Corporate & site-level controls
    • Organization-wide policies
    • Customized training & onboarding
    • Priority support via email, chat, phone
    Starter Standard Professional
    App Access
    Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
    Web & Desktop Apps
    Touch ID/Face ID Access (iOS only)
    4-digit PIN Access (iOS & Android)
    Messaging & File Sharing
    Secure Text Messaging
    Image & Document Attachments
    Secure Patient & Family Messaging
    Message Search
    Message Archiving
    File Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    PDF Export of Message History
    Message Broadcasting In-App & SMS* In-App & SMS*
    Dedicated Phone Number for SMS
    HD Video Calls Unlimited
    Audio-Only Calls Unlimited
    Scheduled Meetings Unlimited
    Waiting Room
    Screen Sharing
    Message Delivery & Read Receipts
    Mobile Push, Email & Web Notifications
    SMS Notifications
    User Groups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Group Roles & Management
    Team & Staff Directory
    Click-to-Call & Click-to-Message Feature
    Multi-Site Staff Directories
    External Partners
    External Partner Directory
    External Partner Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Patient & Family Profile Management
    Bulk Patient & Family Profile Uploader
    Multi-Site Patient & Family Directories
    Administrative & Security Controls
    Add/Remove Users Mobile App Mobile & Web App Mobile & Web App
    Admin Console Access
    User Roles & Permissions Standard Roles Custom Roles
    Remote Data Wipe
    Organization-Wide Security Policies
    Corporate & Site-level Controls
    Compliance & Security
    End-to-End Data Encryption
    Regular Data Backup
    System Uptime
    Business Associate Agreement Click-through BAA Signed BAA Signed BAA
    Customer Support
    Online Training
    Initial Setup Support
    Ongoing Technical Support Email Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone (Priority)

    *Additional fees may apply

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you do not find the answers to your questions below, please send us an email at

    Teleon Health as an organization is HIPAA compliant, with implementation of all measures of HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. Teleon signs a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with all of our customers, and our software solutions address HIPAA Security Rule Technical Safeguards. Please refer to our website's HIPAA Compliance page for more information at www.teleonhealth.com/hipaa-compliance.

    Yes, Teleon provides 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption of data in transit, and 256-bit AES encryption of data in storage.

    Yes, we sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with all of our customers.

    We offer a free 14-day trial of our Standard and Professional plans so that your team can experience the full capabilities of our solution. During the trial period, we provide setup and hands-on support to ensure that you have a successful pilot.

    The Professional plan is geared toward multi-site organizations that need additional administrative controls, telehealth features, multi-site directories, custom roles & permissions.

    A user is a unique Teleon account holder of a customer organization.

    Yes, you can upgrade from one plan to the next at a later time.

    Yes, you can start off with monthly billing and switch to annual billing at a later time to benefit from the cost savings.

    You can invite external partners without additional fee under any of our pricing plans, including the Starter plan. If your external partners need certain features such as Teleon's Admin Console, then they can choose to upgrade to our paid plan.

    We offer ongoing technical support via email, phone, and in-app chat. We also have a Help Center with many useful articles and videos for self-service access.

    Yes, you can access your Teleon app account on multiple devices using a web browser or mobile device (iOS or Android).

    Our web application supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

    Teleon is fast to set up. You can use our self-service Admin Console to create user accounts with a few simple clicks, and invited users can access their accounts in less than a minute.

    Starter Plan customers can onboard users via Teleon's in-app invite feature. Teleon provides online/remote support for initial setup (admin console access, administrator onboarding, configurations, etc.) at no additional fee for Standard and Professional Plan customers. We charge a one-time setup fee for customers who request support for user account creation.

    All you need is a web browser or mobile device (iOS or Android) to start using the Teleon app. There are no other hardware or IT requirements.

    We accept credit card, check or wire.

    For Standard and Professional plan, you can switch from monthly billing to annual billing at any time.

    If you’re on monthly billing, you can cancel at any time with 30 days written notice. If you’re on annual billing, you will be responsible for the fees due for the entire duration of your annual contract.

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