• Secure Team

    HIPAA-compliant mobile, web, and desktop apps for efficient communication.

    Secure, Reliable &
    User Friendly Texting

    Equip your staff with simple-to-use texting apps for secure team communication - from clinicians and supervisors to CNAs and caregivers.

    • 1-to-1 & group conversations

      Exchange messages with one or multiple colleagues through a secure channel

    • Image & document sharing

      Share photos, documents, and other types of files (lab results, care plans, etc.)

    • Delivery & read receipts

      Know that your message has been received and seen by your recipients

    • Flexible message search

      Quickly search for messages by keywords, topics, participants or message tags

    Collaboration Anytime,
    Anywhere, Any Device

    Teleon can be accessed on iOS, Android, web and desktop devices so that your team can continually stay up-to-date and collaborate efficiently together, whether at a facility, working from home, or out in the field.

    Efficient Coordination with Group Messaging

    Use groups for handling new patient admissions, staff call-offs, important announcements, or other key functions. No more spending countless hours on phone calls or creating numerous SMS groups.

    • Simple group creation
    • Efficient coordination
    • Flexible group management
    • Simple group creation

      Create groups for your staff, departments or other purposes.

    • Efficient coordination

      Instantly send messages to many colleagues and get timely responses.

    • Flexible group management

      Easily add or remove members and assign group admins.

    Simple Access & Real-Time Notifications

    alerts and

    Receive real-time alerts via mobile push, SMS, email, or web banners

    message tags

    Communicate priority and label your messages with searchable tags

    app access

    Access the Teleon app quickly using Touch ID, Face ID, or 4-digit PIN

    Seamless Communication
    Across Departments, Sites & Partners

    Teleon empowers you to connect and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues wherever they are - across departments, shifts, facilities, or settings.

    • Staff directory & profiles

      Quickly look up and connect with your colleagues using click-to-call and click-to-message features

    • Multi-site/corporate directories

      Collaborate easily with colleagues across facilities and offices with multi-site directories

    • External partner networks

      Communicate and share files with physicians, pharmacies, and other partners

    • Digital workflow platform

      Manage patient referrals, discharges, and other important workflows across settings

    Administrative & Security Controls

    Teleon provides you with important administrative controls such as user account management, remote data wipe, management of external connections, and user access permissions. You can also have peace of mind with end-to-end data encryption and HIPAA compliance.


      Easily create user accounts, manage profiles across multiple sites, and revoke access.


      Assign user roles to grant different levels of access to your data and product features.


      Enforce your organization’s security policies. Trigger remote deletion of user’s device data.

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