Team Communication
& Patient Engagement

Communicate efficiently with staff & partners.
Engage patients and their families.



Supporting care teams during the Coronavirus epidemic

These are unprecedented and challenging times with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. And Teleon Health is committed to helping healthcare providers collaborate effectively and deliver the best care to your patients.

Communicate remotely with patients & family caregivers
With Teleon, you can quickly broadcast important news and updates to all of your patients or their family caregivers via mobile SMS. You can also text messages and share files securely with them, conduct virtual check-ins to monitor patients’ symptoms, and escalate issues with your care teams.

Coordinate care effectively across distributed teams
It’s become even more critical for care teams to communicate efficiently and continually stay on the same page. You can use Teleon’s mobile and web applications to text securely with your team, collaborate on cases in group discussions, and respond faster to patient needs.

Manage staffing & scheduling efficiently
With the influx of patients and the strain on healthcare staff, providers must ensure that shifts and new admissions are staffed properly. You can use Teleon to handle staff callouts, distribute schedules, and find coverage for staffing needs quickly instead of via numerous phone calls.

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Powering communication across
the care continuum

Communication is critical for senior care and your business. Yet, many providers face constant challenges due to inefficient or poor communication in managing new patient admissions, staff shortages, collaboration with partners, or other critical functions.

Teleon’s mission is to provide simple-to-use software that’s designed to help you tackle these challenges. Our solutions enable teams across departments and settings to communicate efficiently and improve workflows so that you can deliver the highest level of care for your patients.

Improve business operations and patient care

Teleon provides a single platform with HIPAA-compliant texting and SMS broadcasting
to support your organization’s key communication needs.

streamline workflow

Improve staff coverage
& coordination

Communicate with large staff groups efficiently to fill open shifts and coordinate activities

Reduce unplanned readmissions

Reduce unplanned

Collaborate with care teams to respond quickly and effectively to patient issues.

Save staff time & cost

Save staff time
& cost

Free up your staff’s time spent on phone calls and tracking down paper files to get work done

Improve patient & family satisfaction

Improve patient &
family satisfaction

Engage patients and their families to improve satisfaction, ratings, and word-of-mouth referrals

Text securely across teams to
get work done faster

Equip your staff with simple-to-use mobile texting apps for secure team communication - from clinicians and department heads to CNAs and caregivers. Use group texting for efficient coordination of new patient admissions, staff call-offs, and other functions critical for patient care delivery.

hipaa compliant messaging mobile app

Simplify coordination and workflows with partners

Communicate and share real-time updates easily across physicians, pharmacies, lab centers, and other partners in your network.

Streamline referrals, discharges, and other workflows with a digital platform while spending less time on phone calls, faxes, and paper files.

Engage and create transparency with your patients and families

Remove the anxiety from your patients and their families by connecting with them using a simple and compliant mobile app.

Broadcast important updates to your patients or their family caregivers via mobile SMS. Conduct virtual check-ins and securely share updates, photos, and files.

Gain peace of mind with HIPAA compliance
and administrative controls

Teleon provides you with important administrative controls such as user account management, remote data wipe, and user access permissions. You can also have peace of mind with end-to-end data encryption and HIPAA compliance.

administrative & security controls